Who or what is it?

We are a club of “crazies”;-),

Grouppicture Mainz

Grouppicture Mainz

trying to build bicycles with and out of nearly everythin,
which can also drive, even if sometimes it does not look like!!!

All bicycles are ridable

Further information can be found under the menu item “History”

Where can we find “them”?

Either on parades (Carnival or other events)


or in our club shop. More information under appointments

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(Deutsch) CCO im Fernsehen

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Barbecue Champion ?

The CCO has on 02.05.2015 supported the Luxembourg Grill Team "Let'z Grill" in Bexbach (Saarland, D) in the south-west German barbecue championship with his bicycles and manpower! The result is impressive, Let'z Grill has the 2nd place for the appetizer,  main course and dessert 1st place and in the fun-rating the 3rd place, in the overall ranking this gives the title of the south-west-german barbecue champion 2015 and reserved starting place at the german barbecue championship in july.

New Photos

All the pictures of the specialbike fair in Germersheim (Spezi, www.spezialradmesse.de) are online